Friday, October 31, 2008

Star-Star 2-lens Camera Review

Recently, I saw something cute from ebay... I like it very much, then I accidently click "buy now"~~~ LOL^^ After waiting for 2 weeks... here it comes~~~~~

The Star-Star 2-Lens Camera (it has no brand n no name, so i call star camera)

It has 2 optical lens, f/8 28mm.
It's leaf shutter with the speed 1/100sec.

Here are the results of my 1st roll from Star star camera...

The result is.......??? I love it very much ooo....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Singapore trip 11 Oct 2008

On the 11th Oct, very early morning(4:30am) my mum wake us up to start our journey to Singapore for my brother's convo at Raffles City Convention Centre. Actually tat nite before I didnt sleep at all~~~ so scary, eyes really like panda tat day... I fall asleep straight away after in enter into the car.. so didnt take any photos when on the way... When I wake up, the sun already come up very high... that is the time we almost reach S'pore oledi~~~

Actually we stuck in the S'pore custom for few hours... just because they found the light stick in our car which is prohibitied item to enter S'pore. The light stick was originally come together with the car when imported into M'sia. We also don't know about it~~~ so cham~~~

We were very hungry when we reach S'pore, so the 1st thing to do is to find FOOD~~~

The 1st meal is duck rice... its very yummy bcos we r very hungry!!!This is something like kuey teow soup...
After makan full oledi, then we have energy to go round round S'pore...

We went to bugis junction n bugis street where they said this is very popular place...

We walk for whole day until its nite oledi... then hungry again... so my dinner is: WASABI FILET O FISH & WASABI fries... wow~~~ its sooooo spicy n yummy~~~~

The 2nd day, we go to my bro's convo at Raffles City Convention Centre which is in the shopping mall... Its the place where I bought my Kimmidoll Collections also~~~

My sis also wan to try the moment of graduated~~~
My sis also bought a kimmidoll collection's address book...
After the ceremony, we are about to go back KL, but before that, we visit The Merlion. I only been there once when I was 12years old (follow school tour 1).

Time pass very fast, after the visit, its time to go back KL... very bu she de... but things are very expensive there... scared to spend money there... hehe... but... its another enjoying trip for me~~~